Health Conditions

Have you been diagnosed with a health condition but don’t really know what this means in terms of your lifestyle, especially at mealtime? Do you feel very limited as a result of your health condition? Are you uncertain of everything that you can do to help support your health?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Free introduction to Holistic Nutrition

In this 15-minute introductory consultation, I provide information on the fundamentals of holistic nutrition and on the benefits of working with a holistic nutritional consultant.

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Understanding conditions and the effect of nutrients
When you suffer from conditions such as celiac disease, food allergies or diabetes, it's easy to become overwhelmed by what you think you can't eat. That can translate into a boring diet and may even lead to nutritional deficiencies. I can help you to understand your condition and provide education about the nutrients that affect it.  I can teach you how to read food labels so you’ll know which ingredients to avoid and can help you find substitutions to keep your diet balanced and delicious, too.  

The important role that hormones play
Did you know that hormones play an important role in controlling all body activities including growth, metabolism, coping with stress, sleep cycles, digestion and reproduction? Many diseases are directly or indirectly affected by hormones including diabetes, hypo/hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis and adrenal disorders. Conditions such as these require very specific nutritional support. Together, we can work to create a nutritional plan that addresses the dietary aspects of your condition, but isn’t boring or difficult to follow.

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