The 12 Days of Christmas Health, Day 4

(Part 4 of a 12-part series)

Great last minute gift ideas for the health conscious

It is just over a week before Christmas, and many of us have finished our shopping. But if you are still bearing the crowds to find gifts for friends or family, why not consider a gift of health?

There are some really great ideas out there...and the best part, none of them involve stepping into a mall!

Gift certificates for a health food store – Your loved one can then shop for a new treat to try, whether it’s herbal tea, an organic coffee, supplements or even cosmetics and bath products.

Yoga accessories: a yoga travel mat, or an embroidered yoga mat bag (Gaiam has some great ideas)

Aromatherapy: Essential oils becoming very popular. One of my favourite stores is Saje.

A donation to a good cause, like Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, or your local SPCA (ok, so giving to a charity is more heart-centered than health-centered but I felt it deserved to be in this gift list)

Healthy Gift Ideas.jpg

Anything from 10,000 Villages – if you are not familiar with this great shop, check them out here. This fair trade ethical shop stocks almost everything and has some great holiday gift ideas. (also heart-centered, though they do sell organic food gifts)

A gift certificate to a vegetarian restaurant – some examples (I have tried each of these in my travels over the past year): Dharma Kitchen, Noorish, Live, Grow Your Roots. Or find one listed on Happy Cow.

A gift certificate to a local yoga studio, gym or personal trainer (this is one who I recommend in Ottawa, ON)

Just a short list of “can’t miss” ideas. Happy shopping!

Recipe: Sweet and Savoury Roasted Chickpeas

As promised, every day of the 12 Days of Christmas Health will include a holiday recipe. This recipe serves as a great snack at a party, or something that you can bring along when you’re shopping - when you’re armed with a healthy snack, a food court is a lot less tempting!

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