The 12 Days of Christmas Health, Day 11

Fighting the Boxing Day Bloat

If you indulged in too much turkey and pumpkin pie yesterday, your digestive system may be suffering today. Here are a few steps that you can take to beat indigestion...

Go caffeine-free – Instead of waking up and reaching for your usual cup of java, try reaching for some lemon water instead. Lemon water is simply the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of pure, fresh water. It is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and liver supportive.  Lemon water helps kick-start the digestive process, and helps your body cleanse itself of that sluggish, tired, bloated feeling that comes from over-eating.

Go for a walk. Being active, with gentle exercise such as walking, helps your body to digest excess food. Walking improves your metabolic rate and helps your gut to cleanse itself of waste matter and reduce that awful bloating. But be sure to stick with gentle exercise, as anything more strenuous will have an opposite effect – your body will move its energy away from your digestive system in order to provide it for the exercise. 30-40 minutes is ideal for your walk.

Winter Snowshoeing.jpg

Eat smaller meals. Although you may not feel much like eating today at all, it is important to eat at least small snacks to keep your body from shutting down its digestive processes.  Try to include more protein as well, and avoid simple carbs, as the protein will provide longer lasting energy and help you feel full longer.

Go alkaline. Eat alkaline-forming foods, such as leafy greens (parsley, kale), and lemons, which balance the body’s pH levels, reduce inflammation, and help to regulate blood sugar levels. Try to avoid acid-building foods, such as sugar, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

Alkaline foods.jpg

Get needed rest. If you are familiar with my blog, you will have read a few articles on the importance of sleep. And, yes, this is another area where rest helps. After the stress and excitement of Christmas, your body will welcome a break, and the peacefulness that comes with it. Your digestive system works best when you are feeling relaxed.

Finally, try not to stress about it. Yes, you may have indulged, but the holidays are special, and you enjoyed yourself.  Instead of feeling guilty about it, work on getting back on track. Stay tuned to my blog in the early new year, as I will be posting a list of a few easy steps to detoxification.