About active nutrition

Hi! I’m Kim.

As a nutritional consultant and lifestyle coach, I take a holistic approach to healthy living. I have learned that any change, great or small, can only be sustained when it works in all aspects of your life. 

Nutrition consulting at Active Nutrition covers everything from food to exercise, lifestyle and stress management. A nutrition assessment can help highlight areas of imbalance, which can then be nutritionally supported to improve overall well-being. 

Active Nutrition is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I work with clients in person and remotely via Skype to provide nutrition consulting and wellness services that inspire, educate and motivate positive personal change.

Change takes time...we just can’t achieve everything all at once. But even a few minutes a day will help to improve your health. I can show you how to bring balance back to your life.

To learn more about Active Nutrition, and nutritional consulting, please visit my FAQ page.


When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me with my adorable little Coton puppy – usually on an agility course or cooking organic meals for her in my kitchen. I love travelling and taking pictures (years ago, I studied photography) – stay tuned to my blog to read about some of my recent travels. 

I have an absolute weakness for raw desserts – coconut macaroons, hemp breakfast bars, and my favourite, chai cashew ice cream.  I’m always looking for a new adventure – and found my newest love on a trip to Hawaii – I’m working on becoming a helicopter pilot!